Me & Mine November 2015

This month I’m late again with our Me and Mine photos but that is because we were very busy bees at the beginning of this week. We visited Lapland UK and we managed to get a photo of the four of us whilst there.


Ethan isn’t looking at the camera and the lighting is terrible but here we are, me and mine.

This past month has been pretty quiet, we have been back into our routine with Ethan at school and Little E going to her groups in the week. The weeks fly past running errands and doing the normal day-to-day stuff.

Darren’s shift means that he is working all of the weekends leading up to Christmas but the positive thing is this year he doesn’t have to work on Christmas day. Darren is really looking forward to this year as he already knows that this will be his one year off for a while.

Our Christmas countdown has really kicked off with our trip to Lapland UK which both children really enjoyed. Ethan has been very quiet and a bit overloaded with Christmas already and he might need a little time to recover from our trip. I hope he is OK with Christmas this year as he did struggle last year.

I’m really looking forward to experiencing Christmas with Little E this year, she is going to be more aware of things going on. I’m sure Christmas morning will be complete madness and lots of fun.

So after a quiet November, December will be full of our Christmas preparations.

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