Our 7 Star Wars Experiences At Disney's Hollywood Studios

Our 7 Star Wars Experiences At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World has been undergoing a massive transformation in recent years. They have recently opened Toy Story Land and next year the eagerly awaited Star Wars Land is due to open. Star Was isn’t a new theme to be added to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Star Tours attraction has been there for many years and can be found in many of the Disney theme parks across the world. On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, we embraced the Star Wars experiences found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Our 7 Star Wars Experiences At Disneys Hollywood Studios

Below are the 7 Star Wars experiences we had at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The March of the First Order

Music plays a big part in the Star Wars saga and there is nothing better than hearing and seeing the march of the First order with Captain Phasma and her squad of Stormtroopers. This takes place multiple times during the day so it is very easy to catch. We loved watching the Stormtroopers every time we visited Hollywood Studios.

Stormtroopers Interaction

If you are very lucky when you visit the Star Wars Launch Bay you might bump into the Stormtroopers. As they like to keep order they might interact with you if you are breaking the rules. They didn’t like Ethan running around and they were quick to discipline him.

BB8 Interaction

We were in the park very early and some of the cast members were taking BB8 for a walk. The children loved this and they got to interact with him. BB8 might have got too excited and lost his head!

Meeting Chewbacca

meeting chewbacca disneys hollywood studios walt disney world

Chewbacca has been one of my favourite Star Wars characters for many years. I was very excited about being able to meet him in Hollywood Studios. It was a fun character interaction. You can also meet Kylo Ren and BB8 but we didn’t get the chance during our trip.

Imperial Speeder Bike Photo Opportunity

imperial speeder bike ethan disneys hollywood studios walt disney world
imperial speeder bike little e disneys hollywood studios walt disney world

The Imperial Speeder Bike photo opportunity has been available in Hollywood Studios for many years. There is always a long queue of people wanting to have their photo taken on it and we have never got the chance too. On our recent trip, we took advantage of a quiet moment and we were able to have our photos taken on the Star Wars Speeder.

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

The Star Tours ride has also been in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for many years. They have kept it up-to-date through the years. It is now a 3D ride and you can go on many different adventures. There is a height restriction for this ride this meant that Little E wasn’t tall enough. Ethan loves this ride and since our trip to Florida, Little E had a growth spurt and was able to go on Star Tours during our visit to Disneyland Paris in February.

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party

There is one thing you can be sure of is that Disney can do fireworks and shows. We didn’t want to miss the show Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. To make sure that we would get a good viewing spot for Ethan we booked the dessert party.

darth vader biscuits star wars galactic spectacular dessert party
bb8 cupcakes star wars galactic spectacular dessert party
darth vader chocolate cupcakes star wars galactic spectacular dessert party
R2-D2 cupcakes star wars galactic spectacular dessert party
stormtrooper biscuits star wars galactic spectacular dessert party

We all really enjoyed this dessert party. Not only was there a selection of sweet food but there was also a good choice of savory items. It was a great way to end our Star Wars experiences.

Out of all the Star Wars experiences, there was one we had to give a miss, the Jedi Training. I would have loved the children to take part in this but we felt Little E was too young. We also weren’t sure if Ethan would be given the correct support he would need to take part. Hopefully, there will be a chance in the future for our children to take part in Jedi Training.

Future Star Wars Experiences

We really hope that we will be able to return to Walt Disney World when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens. It will take some time to save up for our next Walt Disney World adventure. We would also love to experience a Star Wars Day at Sea on the Disney Cruise Line. You can really embrace all things Star Wars at Walt Disney World.

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