Garden Grill Character Dining With Chip and Dale

The Garden Grill restaurant is one we have wanted to eat in on our previous visits to Walt Disney World. We did book to eat there during our 2012 trip but unfortunately we had to cancel our dinner there when Ethan became unwell. Our main reason for wanting to eat there is that it is family style dining using ingredients from The Land in EPCOT. There is also the added bonus that you can meet Chip n’ Dale and the restaurant revolves giving you views of The Land attraction.

garden grill character dining chip dale

The family style menu served at The Garden Grill reminds me of our Sunday dinners. I guess it would be similar to an American thanksgiving dinner. Ethan enjoyed the meal but Little E was a bit fussy possibly because she was having too much fun. The short-cake dessert was absolutely amazing. I just wish I had room to eat more!

The Garden Grill Character Interaction

The Garden Grill is well-known for its character interaction and it didn’t disappoint. The children were able to meet Chip and Dale, Pluto and farmer Mickey Mouse. They spent lots of time with the children and we even got to see some of the characters twice.

garden grill mickey mouse epcot walt disney worldgarden grill pluto epcot walt disney worldgarden grill pluto epcot walt disney world

You must remember not to get Chip and Dale confused. Dale has a brown nose and Chip has a black nose that is meant to look like a chocolate chip.

garden grill dale epcot walt disney world garden grill chip epcot walt disney world garden grill chip epcot walt disney worldgarden grill chip epcot walt disney world

The children loved spending time with the characters it was lovely to see their reactions to them. It was such a relaxed atmosphere and the circle shape of the restaurant made it feel a very personal experience. I captured the children’s interactions with the characters on video.

We loved eating at The Garden Grill and we would eat here again if we ever get the chance. They also serve breakfast so that could also be a good option if you want to start your day in the park early.

With regards to the revolving restaurant it is very subtle but not the best idea when you have just come off of your Disney Cruise and still getting your land legs back!

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