Our Food Challenge – Planned Meals – Week 1

As some of you may be aware food has become a real challenge in our home, this blog post highlights some of the hurdles we face, and my aim is to try to get us all eating as healthy as possible. This meant I spent part of the Easter weekend scouring my cook books for ideas for this weeks dinners. I am really into using my slow cooker at the moment so most of the recipes are from my slow cooker recipe book and I decided on the following meal plan. 

  • Shepherd’s Pie 
  • Creamy tarragon chicken served with mash and peas
  • Green bean risotto with pesto
  • Beef and root vegetable hotpot 
  • Gingered sweet potato soup
  • DIY Pasta Sauce
  • Potato, apple and bacon hotpot 
  • Sausage casserole, beans and sweet potato mash
  • Creamy pesto chicken 
I’m trying to go for gravy based dinners as that is easier to get Ethan to eat and dinners that hide the most vegetables in as possible, this also helps me eat more! 
So far we are halfway through this plan and I have really enjoyed cooking everything from scratch. When we have eaten all the meals I will post an update on how we got on…

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