We have been using a bowl for Little E’s food and thought it was the right time to see how she would handle a plate. She was sent the OXO Tot Divided Plate to review.


The OXO Tot Divided Plate is divided into recommended proportions for proteins, vegetables and grains. There is a center section that is convenient for dipping sauces and condiments. It has a non-slip base. It even has a removable ring so the plate can change with your child’s needs and abilities.


My Verdict

At the moment we have only really used the plate for Little E’s lunch. I love the sections as I can give Little E all of her lunch items at the same time and she can choose what she wants to eat, and how much.


The non-slip base works really well until Little E decides to flip the plate up. This is normally when she has had enough food though, we just have to be quicker at catching it.

OxoTot_DividedPlate_25 OxoTot_DividedPlate1

The plate is the perfect design for when we are ready to move Little E onto using utensils.

The OXO Tot Divided Plate retails for £8.50 each.

DISCLAIMER – We were gifted a OXO Tot Divided Plate for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences of products.

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