Swimming Club Update #SwimFinSummer

Ethan has been having swimming lessons with the special needs swimming club for about three months now. I have only been to see him swimming twice and it is now something that Darren and Ethan do together. I went to his very first lesson and his second lesson where Ethan threw himself into the pool before they were ready for him. My nerves simply couldn’t take it!

I now wait at home with Little E whilst Darren talks me through what is going on on the phone.

Ethan will now wait on the side of the pool until they are ready for him. I still wouldn’t trust him on his own near water as if excitement over takes him he can do very stupid things. We have had quite a few experiences of this kind of excitement lately.

Ethan now also swims with a woggle or a Swim Fin. Darren has told me that Ethan gets on better with the Swim Fin as it makes him move more.

We were very lucky to be picked by Swim Fin to take part in Swim Fin Summer and Ethan has been sent his very own Swim Fin to review.

SwimFinFamilyWe were invited to join Ethan for a swim on Saturday night at his swimming club so I have actually seen his Swim Fin in action. We also took it with us to the Family Fund Haven day the other week, a full review will be coming soon.


3 thoughts on “Swimming Club Update #SwimFinSummer”

  1. This is the second swim fin I’ve seen today they look fab! I wish we’d had one for Yoshi to use on holiday. Ethan looks really cool in his. Yoshi has a long tube float that he loves and it went everywhere with us. He is almost there but not quite confident yet. #SsAmazingAchievements

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