Playmobil Easter Eggs REVIEW

Playmobil Easter Eggs REVIEW

After seeing my Playmobil Advent calendar unboxing Playmobil asked if we would like to review some of their other seasonal items. They sent the children some lovely Easter gifts. This years collection of Playmobil Easter Eggs.

Playmobil Easter Eggs REVIEW

Playmobil Easter Eggs

playmobil easter eggs

There are four styles available to buy a Fortune Teller, a Zookeeper with Seal Pups, a Space Agent with Robot and a Pirate with Cannon. They are a great alternative for non-chocolate easter eggs.

playmobil easter eggs 2019 collection

The Easter eggs can be used to store your Playmobil set or use it as a money box. Each Easter egg has an RRP of £4.99. Their age recommendation is for children from ages 4 and up.

Fortune Teller – Playmobil 9417

fortune teller playmobil 9417

Playmobil set 9417 is the fortune teller Easter egg. Contained inside a pink Easter egg.

playmobil 9417 playmobil easter egg box

The Playmobil fortune teller can use her tarot cards and crystal ball to predict the future. This Playmobil figure cannot bend her legs in the skirt she is wearing. This means she is unable to sit down.

fortune teller playmobil 9417 contents

What Will You Find Inside This Easter Egg?

  • 1 x fortune teller figure and accessories
  • 1 x table with crystal ball
  • 1 x black cat figure
  • 1 x Cards accessory

Zookeeper with Seal Pups – Playmobil 9418

zookeeper seal pups playmobil 9418

Playmobil set 9418 is the zookeeper with seal pups Easter egg. Contained inside a green Easter egg.

playmobil 9418 playmobil easter egg box

Help the Playmobil zookeeper take care of the seal pups. Use the provided milk bottle and fish to feed the baby seals.

zookeeper seal pups playmobil 9418 contents

What Will You Find Inside This Easter Egg?

  • 1 x zookeeper figure
  • 2 x seal pups
  • 1 x mop
  • 1 x bucket with two fish
  • 1 x feeding milk bottle
playmobil seal pup feeding bottle

Space Agent with Robot – Playmobil 9416

space agent robot playmobil 9416

Playmobil set 9416 is the space agent with robot Easter egg. Contained inside a blue Easter egg.

playmobil 9416 playmobil easter egg box

The head of the Playmobil space agent figure rotates by 180°. This means he can move his visor ring or his protective goggles in front of his face. The robot has suction cup feet which can attach smooth surfaces. The robot’s leg and shoulder joints and his hips and head can all be rotated.

space agent robot playmobil 9416 contents

What Will You Find Inside This Easter Egg?

  • 1 x space agent figure
  • 1 x communication device
  • 1 x robot

Pirate with Cannon – Playmobil 9415

pirate cannon playmobil 9415

Playmobil set 9415 is the pirate with cannon Easter egg. Contained inside a yellow Easter egg.

playmobil 9415 playmobil easter egg box

Can the Playmobil pirate guard his precious treasure? Complete with a treasure chest full of jewels and gold coins. Also a working shooting cannon.

pirate cannon playmobil 9415 contents

What Will You Find Inside This Easter Egg?

  • 1 x pirate figure
  • 1 x firing cannon
  • 1 x treasure chest with jewels and gold coins
  • 1 x Cutlass
  • 1 x Torch

What Did The Children Love About The Playmobil Easter Eggs?

Both children were very excited about opening the Easter eggs. They love surprise eggs and I think the Playmobil Easter eggs reminded them of these. Little E was very excited to open the fortune teller Easter egg as it contains a cat. The zookeeper with seal pups was also a huge hit which I don’t think she was expecting.

Ethan was also very excited about opening up his Playmobil Easter Eggs. I think he preferred the pirate Easter egg as he connected to him a bit more. He made pirate sounds and found the firing cannon great fun.

Our below video shows both children’s reactions to opening the easter eggs.

What Do I Love About The Playmobil Easter Eggs?

If you are looking for an Easter gift that isn’t chocolate then these are the Easter eggs for you. A great Easter egg that will give your children hours of playing time too. I don’t think you need to be a Playmobil collecter to enjoy the contents inside the eggs. There are enough items in each egg to create small world play. A great way to introduce your children to Playmobil. I’m sure they will want to start a Playmobil collection after they have been introduced to these Playmobil characters!

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Playmobil Easter Eggs for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

*This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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