Siblings March 2019

Our Siblings During March 2019

Suddenly we are in April and I haven’t written my March siblings post! March really has flown past in a whirl of the school and work routine. This month Darren has had to work most Saturdays. This means I try to keep our Sunday’s as down days so he can rest.

This month we were invited to review a kite. Flying a kite was on my family bucket list and something we had yet to experience. Unbeknown to me Darren had never flown a kite either.

kitedrone fusionwing kite flying ethan little e

We had so much fun flying our kite. I can’t wait to do it again. The children loved it and they worked together to make the kite fly. There might have also been a few tense moments but the enjoyment outweighed the issues they had. Our video on YouTube shows the fun we had.

We were invited to review the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary for the Play-Doh Hasbro event that is running this spring. We had such a lovely time there. I love this photo that I captured of our siblings during our visit.

siblings mar 19

Little E pushed Ethan out of his comfort zone in the SEA LIFE Sanctuary and made him go in all the tunnels that she could find.

siblings mar 19

During March I had quite a few events to attend at Little E’s school. I had to go to a stay and learn, an afternoon tea and a Mothers Day lunch. She has loved every event. Proudly introducing her brother to anyone she could when he attended the afternoon tea with us.

The Mothers Day lunch gave me the chance to experience how far Little E had come since starting school. We first went to lunch at her school on an introduction day at the school. Everything was new to her and this time she was telling me how everything worked.

Ethan’s school had a normal routine in March. There was a non-uniform day for Comic Relief as they do like a good fundraiser. They also both had World Book Day to dress up for but Ethan struggled with the dressing up this year.

At the end of this week the Easter holidays start. Little E is clearly showing signs she needs a break. We have a few nice things planned for them. Ethan also has some respite days planned which I’m sure he will need to keep him busy.

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