11 Things We Love About Visiting Diggerland Kent

11 Things We Love About Visiting Diggerland Kent

In the February Half Term, we were invited to visit Diggerland Kent. This would be our third visit. The first time we visited was in July 2016. It was a treat for Ethan and we left Little E at home with Nanny. The following year we visited with Little E too as Diggerland wanted her to put their new Little Tikes Wheelz Play Zone to the test. In this review, I thought I would share with you the 11 Things We Love About Visiting Diggerland Kent.

11 Things We Love About Visiting Diggerland Kent

1. Driving The Mini Landrovers

mini landrovers ethan little e

Little E got the chance to drive Mini Landrovers when she took part in the Off-Road Explorers experience at Center Parcs in November. Ethan couldn’t join in because of his age. We had never experienced the Mini Landrovers at Diggerland before as we weren’t sure if Little E was the correct height to drive.

mini landrovers ethan smile

On this visit we knew she wouldn’t have an issue. She couldn’t wait to drive a Mini Landrover again. This time she was able to drive her bigger brother around. It was so nice that they were able to take part in this driving experience together.

2. Spotting Animals On The Safari Experience

safari experience sign diggerland kent

This was a first for us and something we could enjoy as a family. In the Safari Experience, you get the chance to be driven around a special course in a Diggerland Safari SUV.

safari experience diggerland kent

On the course, the SUV driver asks you to look out for wild animals. The wild animals are cardboard cut-outs. We spotted quite a few on our drive and had great fun playing this game with our driver.

3. Riding Around On The Groundshuttle


The Groundshuttle is a firm favourite in our family. It was Little E’s first experience on this JCB Telehandler. Both children enjoyed being thrown around over the bumpy ground you are taken for a ride on.

4. Darren Taking Us For A Drive In A JBC On The JCB Rides and Drives

JCB backhoe loader JCB rides drives

During this visit to Diggerland Darren spotted a JCB that he could drive. The JCB Backhoe Loader is available to drive, with help from a Diggerland marshall. It also seats other people at the same time. This meant we all got to be part of Darren’s JCB driving dream. The marshall also informed us that Ethan was the right height to drive the JCB. Due to his understanding, it was best that we just let Ethan be a passenger on this occasion.

5. Being Spun High In the Sky By Spindizzy


Ethan loves anything that spins and Spindizzy is the biggest spinner of all! A ride on Spindizzy is always a must for our family when visiting Diggerland. This trip was Little E’s first experience on this ride, she decided she was brave enough to go on.

6. Diggerland’s Special Carousel The Dig-a-Round


The children love carousels and Diggerland has their very own unique version. The Dig-a-Round is constructed by adapting a JCB 8060. The children love this ‘carousel’, not only does it spin forward it also spins backwards too!

7. Taking a Tour On The Diggerland Train

diggerland train

We have taken Ethan on the Diggerland Train before but we traveled in the main carriage as a family. This time we were brave and let the children ride in their own follow cart. They had lots of fun pretending to drive their own little carts.

8. Getting Muddy With The Robots

diggerland kent robots

We didn’t get the chance to drive them this time but we have enjoyed driving the “JCB Robots” on our past visits. The specially adapted JCB Skid Steer Loaders are lots of fun to drive around.

9. Driving The Dumper Trucks

diggerland kent dumper trucks

We love driving the Thwaites 1 tonne dumpers around but had to give them a miss during this years visit. The dumpers engines have been altered to keep a maximum speed. This has slowed them down to a walking pace and makes them perfectly safe for family fun.

10. Having Lunch At The Dig Inn

the dig inn diggerland kent

On this visit, we ate lunch in the Diggerland Cafe, The Dig Inn. The meal for all four of us cost about £30 in total. It was a lovely meal and well worth the money spent. It filled us up for the rest of the day.

ethan dig inn diggerland kent

The children had sausage, chips and beans. Darren had a burger and chips and I had a panini.

dig inn childrens sausage chips diggerland kent
dig inn burger chips diggerland kent
dig inn panini diggerland kent

We also couldn’t resist a hot chocolate with cream!

dig inn hot chocolate diggerland kent

11. Burning Off Energy In The Indoor Soft Play and Little Tikes Areas

little tikes area diggerland kent

Our children love a soft play area and can spend hours in the Diggerland soft play area. This area also has benches and chairs inside which makes it the perfect place for a picnic or to get out of the rain.

The Little Tikes area had been moved since our last time visiting Diggerland Kent. You can now find Little Tikes houses both outside and inside the Diggerland play area. On this visit, the Little Tikes area didn’t have the sand and water tables. We did visit in the February half term so this might be items that they bring out in the summer months.

As always we really enjoyed our day visiting Diggerland Kent. The below video shows our full visit.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the tickets to visit Diggerland Kent for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube videos. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.

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