Santa Goes On Strike Book REVIEW

Santa is down in the dumps about his Christmas role? Would Christmas be in ruins if Santa goes on strike? Jem Vanston’s new book tells us what will happen if Santa goes on strike on Christmas eve.

Santa Goes On Strike Book REVIEW

Santa Goes On Strike

santa goes on strike

Christmas has turned into a day about possessions. All anyone worries about is what they are getting. Lots of toys with only moments of play. Lots of plastic gadgets. All Santa can see is greed and selfishness. Santa has had enough. He no longer wants to deliver this stuff. Santa is depressed and down in the dumps.

santa goes on strike stuff

If Santa goes on strike will people remember the true meaning of Christmas? Will they no longer be greedy and worry about things? What will people make of a Christmas day without any gifts?

santa goes on strike sleeping santa

What I Love About The Book Santa Goes On Strike

This book is written as a poem which flows really well. Not only does this book teach you about the true meaning of Christmas. It also makes you aware that anyone, even Santa, can be prone to depression. It really is a great reminder that Christmas is about love. Family is more important than the gifts received. This really is a book that you should read each year to your children.


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