Penwizard Potty Training Book: Personalised Pirate Potty Book Review

Potty training is a big milestone for little ones. Knowing that Ethan will take a little longer to get there we are always looking for visuals that will help prepare him for this step. We have reviewed a Penwizard Personalised Book before so were interested to see what the Personalised Potty Training Book was like.

Ordering Your Personalised Potty Training Book

There are three types of books to choose from – a princess potty book, a prince potty book and a pirate potty book. We chose the pirate potty book.

To personalise your book you have the following options
– a boy or girl for the main character
– first name and surname
– adding a personal message, of no more that an 100 characters, which will be printed on the first page of the book
– hair style and colour
– skin tone
– to add or remove glasses
– who will help with the potty training, male or female, including their name.


What Did We Think?

Ethan loved hearing his name in this book, and it was nice to be able to reference a character that had his characteristics showing him the correct steps for potty training.


The book has clear steps for using the potty which even includes washing hands.


The illustrations  are also very graphic for the contents in the potty which is perfect for our very visual little guy.


I think the Personalised Potty Training Book is a perfect introduction to potty training. We will be reading this book to Ethan regularly as I hope this visual will help aid our potty training journey.

DISCLAIMER – We were gifted the Penwizard Potty Training Book for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences of products.

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