Saturday Siblings

When Little E arrived into Ethan’s world it was clear that he adored his sister from the start. To show his affection he would want to cuddle her in his own special way. Ethan cuddles by touching heads and this is how he cuddled his sister. I was able to catch this moment of affection, Little E was ten days old in this photo.

SaturdaySiblings1 SaturdaySiblings2

Ethan would cuddle her whenever he got the chance but it did keep us on our toes as Ethan doesn’t know his own strength at times. We had to make sure that every time he cuddled her he was gentle, this meant keeping an eye on them both at all times. It was tiring for us but we loved seeing this level of affection from him.

Saturday Siblings

4 thoughts on “Saturday Siblings”

  1. This is truly beautiful. What a wonderful moment to have captured to treasure. We have to be very careful as my son doesn’t really recognise if he’s hurting someone too. He’s never vicious – he just doesn’t seem to realise?! Your picture is a pure expression of love – just perfect ? #SaturdaySiblings

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