Saturday Siblings

When Little E was born Ethan would sit with her beside her baby bouncer. At that time he still had very few words to say to her but he was content just being by her side.

SaturdaySiblings21 SaturdaySiblings22

It was lovely to see that even without being able to explain to Ethan that he was going to become a big brother, there was a strong bond forming.

We have been away this week, with friends, and Ethan is always quite wary around their little boy due to his anxieties but it didn’t really show this week. The only time Ethan did have a shy moment was when his sidekick, Little E, was still asleep. As soon as she was up and about he was back to his normal self. I think this shows that Little E makes him comfortable, she is his safety net. I hope that as they grow their sibling safety net will help them both gain independence.

Saturday Siblings

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