Saturday Siblings

The lovely Someones Mum has started a new a new Saturday Siblings linky where you can share photos of your children interacting with each other. I know I take part in the monthly Siblings Project but I thought this would be a nice idea to share the candid photos normally taken on the phone and soon forgotten. I thought I would go back to she start of our siblings relationship, as I still have so many photos to sort through, and  share my favorite moments.

The photo chosen this week wasn’t the first photo taken of our siblings together but it was taken the first morning we returned home from the hospital. Ethan had been introduced to his sister at the hospital but on the Sunday evening when we brought her home from the hospital he cried as soon as he saw her and wouldn’t go near her. I was also in terrible pain and this reaction also reduced me to tears. I was worried what the next day would bring knowing that Ethan would still be going to nursery I was scared how he would react.

This was his reaction as soon as he run into the front room…


Our little super star admiring his new little sister, I clearly had nothing to worry about.

Saturday Siblings

3 thoughts on “Saturday Siblings”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I do love this image, easily one of my favorites. I’m so glad I captured it. A great idea for a linky x

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