Sharing Books With My Baby Girl

Ethan loved books but looking back it was always something we initiated. When he was a baby there was a baby book and a colour book that always made him smile. As he got older The Gruffalo was introduced and that started a whole new passion. Books were soon used as a distraction, a what can we do next to keep him busy. Poor grandad needs a medal for the number of times he had to read a certain dinosaur book!

Books with Little E isn’t something we have consciously introduced, there haven’t been trips to the library and there just really hasn’t been the time in our day-to-day running about.

At BritMums I was given a parragon book for Little E which I read to her and she enjoyed looking at.


Then a fantastic thing happened, Little E started to bring the books to us to read for her. We didn’t have to initiate this in any way, she will decide when she wants to be read to and will protest quite loudly if her request isn’t met. She also knows which book she wants, swapping the Leapfrog learning to write book for Cinderella last night was clearly the wrong move!

Little E bringing a book for us to read is now a very regular occurrence. I love how it is making us rediscover Ethan’s old books, and you never know we might even join our local library.

4 thoughts on “Sharing Books With My Baby Girl”

  1. It’s lovely when they start to like books. I love when they pretend to read them – so sweet! I tell Toddler that leaflets that come through the door are post for her (so she leaves the real post alone), and she ‘reads’ them and tells me what’s been written to her. Sometimes she incorporates pictures she can see on them – she often tells me that take away menus are letters about her dinner!

    Little E looks very impressed with her giraffes there. #SSAmazingAchievements

  2. Aww this is adorable! its got me thinking whether we approach Oscar with his or the other way round? I’m so glad Little E seems to have discovered a love of books so early! #SSAmazingAchievements

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