Sibling Interaction – Learning to Play Together

It’s been nearly two years since our family become a four and Ethan gained a sibling. It has been the best thing that ever happened to him and watching their sibling relationship grow has been amazing.

Don’t get me wrong life hasn’t always been a bed of roses in our household over the past few years. We have all had to adjust to the change and learn each others personalities. As parents having a toddler and living with autism is hard work and very tiring but it is also very rewarding.

Watching our children learn to play together is lovely and this is happening more often. It is really more a case of learning to play along side each other but even that is a big step.


At times Ethan is even learning to share his iPad with Little E and amazingly she knows that the iPad is his. She never tires to take it off of him but if it is left unattended for any reason she takes full advantage of the situation.

The best moments are when they make up their own games. A favorite at the moment is trains, Little E holds onto Ethan’s waist and they make their way around the house like this.


Another great moment we captured was when they made a game with the Duplo box. It probably wasn’t the safest game but there was lots of giggles from both of them.


Unfortunately these play times often end in tears as both children get very over excited and Ethan is yet to learn when to stop and when Little E has had enough. We are always on hand keeping a watchful eye but we do love watching our siblings share these moments playing together.

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