ethan riding bike little e smart trike

Our Siblings During February 2017

February 2017 has been another busy month for us. This means that I haven’t been able to take a very well posed siblings photo. The photos I have captured of them this month really sum up where they are in their relationship.

Little E wants to do everything her brother is doing. She is practically his shadow at the moment.

ethan little e ride on tractors
ethan riding bike little e smart trike

I think Ethan is loving the attention and they have had some great moments this month. They are enjoying each other’s company which has led to less screaming.

little e ethan laughing donkey February 2017

Little E is also learning so much from her brother. He has passed on his interest (obsession) with numbers, letters, and colours and she happily points these things out to us. Her latest shape is oval, I was corrected when I asked her is she had drawn a circle. I’m sure this morning she also pointed out a hexagon to me.

Little E also copies everything Ethan says. When he lets us know what day of the week it is Little E quickly informs us too.

Little E has taught Ethan things too. She has taught him how to use the outside space in the garden to play. We also visited a soft play and Ethan loved having his sidekick with him, she gave him direction. You can see Ethan’s appearance physically change when he loses sight of Little E. He looks lost and it breaks my heart.

Mentally they are both in the same place, and sometimes even developmentally. It really is like having twins at this point and I love that they both enjoy each other’s company. There will be a time when Little E will overtake her brother. As parents, this will make things a little easier for us as we are having some real issues with discipline at the moment. But I’m worried that this could weaken their relationship. Only time will tell, I think a lot will depend on Little E’s personality. She might also turn into the teacher which could be the making of her big brother. February 2017 was a good month for our siblings.

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