head cuddles ethan little e two months old

Our Siblings During September 2014

September 2014 is the second month that we are able to take part in the sibling’s linky. When we prepared to take the photos of Ethan and Little E together Ethan got very excited. I think he remembered what was about to happen. We also got some lovely smiles from Ethan. I think he may have learned to smile for the camera when they are both together. This is a new thing for him.

This month Ethan is still very affectionate towards his sister. He is still giving her lots of his special cuddles. This means we are still having to manage his affections which is a full-time job. He doesn’t know his own weight and we don’t want the pressure of his cuddles hurting his sister.

Little E has also learned how to smile this month. One of her first smiles was for her brother, I hope this means the start of a great bond.

grumpy little e smiling ethan
head cuddles ethan little e two months old
little e ethan smiling
little e looking amused ethan touching her head
ethan smiling little e pram September 2014
ethan holding little es head September 2014
little e looking up ethan September 2014

I love how much Ethan adores his sister. It was always a worry that he wouldn’t show any interest in her. We were also advised not to have any more children. I think our September 2014 photos show how much of a gift Little E was to her big brother. You can see our sibling’s August photos here.

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    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Yes she is pulling some funny expressions lol. I think it’s going to be great to capture the changes each month, in both of them ;0) x

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