Our Siblings During January 2018

Things were going so well with our siblings. They were both enjoying each others company and then the last few days of the Christmas holidays struck. I think the cross over from 2017 into 2018 totally threw him. It was the iPad that informed him of the change of month and year. From that point he was very unsettled. Ethan actually returned to school quite early in January and it was needed!

Ethan being unsettled meant that he started to annoy Little E. The sibling battles started again and we decided it was time to get the children out of the house. This did mean that we were the first family waiting outside of soft play on New Years Day.


The siblings received scooters from Father Christmas so we have been taking them out and about on those. We hoped that long walks might wear Ethan out a little but no such luck.


It did start to get easier last weekend when we brought the Lego out to play with. Ethan was happy to play alongside his sister for a little bit. This weekend Ethan was also introduced to google earth which also held his attention.


Its terrible when Ethan gets all out of sorts. He has so much energy that he just doesn’t know what to do with himself. Getting out of the house does help him but we have to find places that he can cope with.

Little E takes it all in her stride and stands up for herself very well. She is also very quick to tell tales on her brother. I have also noticed that I have started to tell her that Ethan doesn’t understand things. I hate to point out to her that her brother is different in some way. I hope that she doesn’t really pick up on it too much. I want their strong bond to continue to grow.


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