Our Beach Day At The Minnie Mouse Beach Hut

Our Siblings During June 2019

June has come and gone, at times it felt very slowly but then it suddenly sped up. Much to Little E’s delight as she is now counting down the days to her fifth birthday.

June hasn’t felt as busy as May and April did but that’s because the past two months have been filled with school holidays. This month was filled with the everyday school routine and we are now on the last few weeks of school countdown. That school year has really flown by!

In June every weekend has been filled with birthday parties. Both children were invited to their fair share and they have really enjoyed them.

We did have a great family beach day thanks to Millie’s Beach Huts. We were invited to review a Minnie Mouse beach hut at Walton-on-the-Naze. Our siblings had a great day together on the beach. The beach hut is where I was able to take this month’s siblings photos too.

ethan little e minnie mouse beach hut

This month Ethan went on his second school camping trip. We thought that his first camping experience last year went well but he told us he didn’t like camping. He delivered this news to us on the night before the planned camping trip. He told us he wouldn’t be staying and would be coming home that evening. We sent him on his way and kept everything crossed. Thankfully this year he enjoyed it and we weren’t called to collect him. It did give us a night of worry but I’m so glad Ethan stayed all the way through.

little e ethan cuddle minnie mouse beach hut

Little E has started the end of school activities already. It started with her sporty morning last week where every child taking part received a certificate. This month she was also very excited that her daddy could have lunch at school with her. They hosted a special Fathers Day lunch and thankfully Darren’s shift pattern gave him the chance to go.

This month we have been talking to Little E about birthday. Little E has requested a soft play party for her birthday. This means we have had to select who she would like to invite. This has caused lots of discussions. I really hope she enjoys her birthday party and it is good as she is expecting it to be.

July will be a busy month for us all. Ethan’s sports day, the junior show, summer fates. The end of this school term is always a busy one.

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