Our Siblings During June and July 2018

June and July have somehow merged into one month in our house as the time has just flown past. We have had busy weekends celebrating birthdays or going on days out. There has also been lots going on in the week with all the end of the school year activities and the preparation for Little E starting school this September. Fitting in my work around this has caused lots of juggling. I was also taken ill but I’m hoping that I’m now getting back on my feet a bit. I must admit that with all this going on I haven’t picked up my camera as much as I would have liked. Our siblings have been having lots of fun and I have enjoyed watching them without being attached to a view finder.

We have started taken the children to visit the beach again at the weekends. This is something we used to do regularly with Ethan but I think with our job changes this year we have got a bit caught up getting used to the change in routine. I have sometimes taken my camera with us and I was able to capture this photo for this siblings post.

siblings june july 18

I think this photo perfectly sums up where our siblings are in their relationship at the moment. Good friends who enjoy each others company. I hope it stays this was for a very long time.

This year has been a real test for us and Ethan’s behavior. He started throwing objects and just hasn’t stopped. At the start of June his behavior got a little less intense and things have got a little easier. This has lifted all of our moods and helped to make our siblings closer again after the past few months. Little E was aware of Ethan’s throwing and expressed on many occasions that he was being naughty.

Ethan’s improved behavior meant that he also did better at school for the past two months. He came home with quite a few Star of the Days which meant he got lots of praise from us. He ended year three on a more positive note than we were expecting.

Little E has had a very busy few months. She has got used to a new swimming class and started ballet lessons. There has been lots of new school preparation with lots of different visits. She also turned four and had her first soft play birthday party. We went for a girly posh tea in London to celebrate too. We also said goodbye to her nursery and her friends with the promise that she will make new ones at school.

The past few months have been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster for all of us. September will bring more changes for both of our siblings, one starting school and one moving class. As parents we will have to work out how two children at two different schools will work. 2018 is proving to be a year of change in many ways for our little family.

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