Our Siblings During November 2018

I can’t believe how quickly November has passed. I had every intention of writing our siblings post earlier this month but Christmas has really kept us on our toes. We have been so busy with toy reviews and Christmas related items that time really has flown. We have also been busy with Christmas outings. We have already seen Santa three times!

October ended for our siblings with a half term holiday together. We visited the pumpkin patch and Jimmy’s Farm. They are continuing their relationship in a very good place. The friendship between them continues to thrive.

siblings november

This month they got to spend even more time together at our Center Parcs Winter Wonderland weekend. They had activities together and fun swimming together. You can see the real changes in Little E since she has started school.

siblings november

Little E will mention that she misses Ethan when he goes off to his school. She doesn’t want him to go. She still doesn’t fully understand why they don’t go to the same school. I only explain that Ethan learns differently so needs to go to a different school.

siblings november

I’m really looking forward to this Christmas. Little E’s understanding is greater as is Ethan’s. The next month will be busy with a first school show for Little E and also Ethan’s Christmas show. Thankfully the dates don’t clash. We do have another Santa visit planned. Four Santa visits isn’t too much right?!

We have also had a family cinema visit this month. I took Little E to the cinema on an inset day as Ethan finds a cinema trip too much. I wanted us to watch The Grinch. I’m so proud to say that last night we went as a family and both children were amazing. Ethan sat and watched the whole film. I’m wondering if we can plan another Christmas cinema visit in December.

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  1. I love that picture on the pumpkin – so sweet! I hope you enjoy the rest of the run up to Christmas and manage another trip to the cinema. #SiblingsProject

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