Our Siblings During October & November 2017

The beginning of October was a busy month for us. Getting ready for our three-week trip to Florida took up any spare moment around any work commitments we had. This meant that even though we took our siblings out together and captured a photo, I just didn’t get the time to blog about it. We visited the local pumpkin patch we found last year when Ethan was awarded the Star of the Week. This was the photo I captured of them.

siblings at pumpkin patch

In October our siblings were in a good place with each other. Ethan had stopped snatching off of his sister meaning the battles had stopped between them. They were enjoying each others company which meant it was a littler easier for us. Little E adores her big brother and was copying everything he did. This meant they were happily getting into mischief together. We were looking forward to taking them away and giving them extra time to spend together.

Our holiday to Walt Disney World was an amazing experience for our siblings. I was very worried about how it would all work out and how they would cope. They were both amazing, even with Ethan being ill will tonsillitis at the start of our trip. It was hard work for us and a very busy holiday but both children really enjoyed it and keep asking about Disney.

I love this photo of them taken on the last night. It was such a highlight for me as I have always wanted to see the Christmas lights in person. We were able to attend the very first Christmas party of the season and I was very excited. Getting a photo in-front of the castle was a must and the photographer asked to take a photo of the children on their own.

siblings at magic kingdom

This photo sums up how close they are at the moment. During the holiday we noticed a change in Little E’s attitude towards her brother. She took on a bit of a caring role at times. Keeping Ethan safe at the bus stop and making sure he was going where he needed to be. Ethan has a bit of a cheeky influence on Little E. As she matures I wonder if she will be able to influence her bigger brother. He does like to keep us on our toes!

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