Dear Zoo – Vocalisation

Ethan has always loved books but most of the time he likes to read them to himself. He would babble to himself as he turned the pages.

Since Little E’s arrival and our attempt to keep Ethan busy and his attempt to gain our attention, Ethan has showed us that he can vocalise the book Dear Zoo.

We have read this book to him since he was little. I would always emphasise the animal and then say ‘I sent him back’. This was ignoring the reason why the animal was sent back but a shorter version of the story would hold Ethan’s attention whilst I was reading it.    

To gain our attention Ethan has vocalised the words ‘They sent me a…’ and ‘I sent him back’. This is fantastic progress and I was able to capture his reading on video.

8 thoughts on “Dear Zoo – Vocalisation”

  1. Aww! How delightful to see him reading the book. He looks so pleased with himself.
    By the way I’m following you again on Twitter….Don’t know how but I blocked you by mistake. So, so sorry!! I only realised when I was checking through who unfollowed me. x

  2. What amazing progress! Soon you’ll be wishing he’d stop talking! 😉 (in saying that, people say that to me about Max, but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing Max talking when he eventually does. It will be so wonderful to be able to make conversation! <3

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