5 Reasons to Stay at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Before a Disney Cruise

When we decided to add a Disney Cruise onto the start of our Walt Disney World adventure we knew we would need to book a hotel for our arrival night. We would be using Disney transport to take us to the Disney Dream so in our mind we had two options. To book a night at a Walt Disney World resort hotel or stay at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport.

Here are our 5 Reasons to stay at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport before a Disney Cruise.

stay hyatt regency orlando international airport before disney cruise

1 – No Transfer Time To A Hotel After A Long Flight

After an eight hour plus flight with young children we wanted to make everything as easy as possible. By staying at the Hyatt Regency Orlando we knew we would have no transfer time to a hotel. As soon as we were through immigration, we knew we were soon going to be able to make the kids comfortable. There were plenty of food options available in the airport. This means they were fed and ready for bed without the added stress of another transfer on travel day.

staying at the hyatt regency orlando international airport

2 – Hyatt Luggage Services

When you arrive at Orlando International Airport rather than go to baggage claim, you can go directly to the hotel. At check in you can give the front desk agent your baggage claim ticket. They will have one of our bellmen retrieve your bags from baggage claim and deliver them to your room. There is a charge of $10 payable to the bellman for the service. It is the best $10 you will spend after a long flight.

For international flights you do still have to collect your baggage after immigration. You will then be able to put your baggage back onto the baggage conveyor belts before you take the escalators up to the trams.

disney cruise line bus orlando international airport

3 – Earlier Transfer Time To Your Ship

Disney Cruise Line Buses start leaving Orlando International Airport for Port Canaveral at around 9am. Disney Cruise Line Buses leave the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels from around 11am. This means that taking the Disney Cruise Line Buses from the Orlando International Airport gets you to the port earlier. You can therefore start your boarding process earlier and enjoy the ship sooner.

The cost of the transfers on the Disney Cruise Line Buses is $70 per person for round-trip transportation.

disney cruise line bus disney dream

4 – The Disney Luggage Service

The Disney luggage service is part of the transfer fee when using Disney Cruise Line Buses to get to Port Canaveral. Upon check in you must make sure the front desk agent knows that you are going on a Disney Cruise and using the Disney transport. On the morning of departure, you leave your luggage inside your room by the door with your Disney luggage tags on them. The bellmen will then take any luggage from your room that has a Disney luggage tag on it. Your bags are sent over to the ship and delivered to your stateroom.

You must remember to take a day bag with you containing everything you need. Your luggage can take a while to arrive to your stateroom.

5 – Making the start of your holiday as stress free as possible.

The Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport hotel also have day rooms available to book. This means that if you decided to take a Disney Cruise at the end of your holiday you can book a room to relax in. If using the Disney Cruise Line Buses to return to the airport these leave Port Canaveral at around 9am. You could have a full day of hanging around in the airport if you have a late flight home. A day room would make this much more comfortable.

Our travel vlog from the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel to Port Canaveral and the Disney Dream can be seen below.

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