Little E’s Nursery Christmas Gifts

Over the past few weeks Little E has been making Christmas crafts at nursery. They normally sell them to the parents at the Christmas fate but this year we received the gifts as soon as they had been made. I thought I would share with you this years nursery Christmas gifts as this is her last Christmas with her nursery.

Christmas Mince Pie Holder

Little E made a Christmas Mince Pie Holder for Father Christmas. I love this idea. The base is made of wood which the children painted and decorated. This is something we will be able to keep for many years. We will be using this to leave Santa a mince-pie on Christmas Eve. The start of a new Christmas tradition for our family.

mince pie holder nursery christmas gifts

Decorated Pine Cone

Without fail for the past few years one of our children have brought home a decorated pine cone for Christmas. Little E picked red glitter for this years tree decoration.

decorated pine cone nursery christmas gifts

A Personalised Picture Frame

Little E also decorated a picture frame for us. This picture frame has a magnet attached and is now is displayed proudly on our fridge. Little E picked the photo she wanted to display and used lots of glitter to make it sparkle.

handmade picture frame nursery christmas gift

It is sad to know that this is the last time we will receive nursery Christmas gifts. I do love adding the handmade Christmas decorations to our collection. I hope that this is something that will continue for a few more years yet. I’m not sure if Ethan will bring anything home this year now that he is in a new class at school. We still have a few weeks to find out.

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