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Staying At PGL Windmill Hill

When we went on our PGL Family Holiday we chose PGL Windmill Hill in East Sussex as our location. We do actually live closer to the PGL site Bawdsey Manor in Suffolk. Bawdsey Manor is a beachfront location that I love the look of. But PGL Windmill Hill had the offer of a swimming pool and the chance of canoeing. Things that I thought our children would be very interested in. I didn’t really know what to expect going on a PGL holiday*. I loved our stay at PGL Windmill Hill I wanted to share the facilities available in this blog post.

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Staying At PGL Windmill Hill

The Accommodation at PGL Windmill Hill

PGL Windmill Hill can accommodate over 400 children on its site. The rooms are in accommodation blocks and there are a few of these areas on site.

accommodation block pgl windmill hill

During our PGL Family Holiday, we stayed in a room that had two bunk beds and a single bed. It also had an en-suite shower room.

bunk beds pgl windmill hill
en-suite pgl accommodation pgl windmill hill

There are teacher rooms at the end of each block. These can accommodate two teachers at a time. If you send your child to one of the kids-only summer holiday camps PGL staff stay in these rooms to keep an eye on the children overnight.

The Swimming Pool at PGL Windmill Hill

There is an outdoor heated swimming pool onsite. During our stay, the pool was open an hour before dinner and lunch. This is weather permitting and thankfully we had fantastic weather during our stay. I am unsure if they open this area up when schools are visiting.

outdoor heated swimming pool pgl windmill hill pgl family holiday

The pool had two lifeguards on hand when it was open. There were also woggles and toys available to use. The lifeguards would play games with the children who were swimming. Our children loved every moment they had in the swimming pool.

The Pool House Bar

PGL Windmill Hill also has a pool bar. During our stay, the bar was open at the same time as the swimming pool. During school residential visits the bar opens for the teachers in the evenings.

pool house sign pgl windmill hill

The Pool House was the perfect place for us to relax after the activities. It has a very comfortable interior offering many amenities.

dart board interior pool house bar pgl windmill hill
interior pool house bar pgl windmill hill

At The Pool House, as well as alcoholic drinks, you can buy coffees, ice lollies and ice cream.

coffee machine pool house bar pgl windmill hill
ice cream freezer pool house bar pgl windmill hill
ice cream machine pool house bar pgl windmill hill

Our favourite items were the milkshakes. We might have treated ourselves to a few of these!

salted caramel milkshake pool house pgl windmill hill

The Pool House is also where the evening activities took place. It was also home to table tennis, swing ball, darts and board games if you were looking for an activity to do in your downtime.

board game selection pool house bar pgl windmill hill

The PGL Windmill Hill Shop

There is a shop on site at PGL Windmill Hill. This can be found above the food hall. If you have forgotten any essentials you will be able to pick them up in this shop.

personal essentials shop pgl windmill hill

They also stock PGL souvenirs that are perfect to bring home to mum and dad after a week away with your school.

pgl souvenirs shop pgl windmill hill

If you are looking for a sweet treat there is lots of choice in the shop. They also have traditional pick-n-mix available. There are also vending machines available on site if you need a sweet fix when the shop is closed.

sweet rack shop pgl windmill hill
pick-n-mix shop pgl windmill hill

What Is The Food Like at PGL?

A PGL break includes three meals a day. There is so much food on offer it’s impossible to feel hungry during your stay at PGL. They cater for all types of diets and allergies so there is something for everyone.


There are many different breakfast options available at PGL. You can have a full-cooked breakfast with all the trimmings. Perfect for the busy day ahead.

cooked breakfast options pgl windmill hill

If you are looking for a lighter option there are lots of cereal options. You will also find many different milk options.

rice krispies cornflakes cereal bar pgl breakfast
weetabix cereal bar pgl breakfast

Yoghurt, fruit and toast are also available.

yoghurt fruit pgl breakfast
toast machine pgl breakfast

Drinks are also included at meal times. There was water and orange available during our stay. You can also have unlimited tea and coffee.

water squash machine pgl breakfast


We experienced two lunches during our stay at PGL Windmill Hill. Our first lunch was a hot dog and chips.

hot dog chips pgl lunch

We were also given a beef roast dinner before we left. It was amazing and all the portions were very generous.

roast dinner selection pgl lunch
vegetable selection roast dinner pgl lunch
beef roast dinner pgl lunch


There were three options available for dinner every night. You can easily mix and match your options if you want to try the different options available. On our first night, I opted for the Chicken Katsu Curry whilst Darren went for fish and ships.

chicken katsu curry carrots chips pgl dinner

On our second night, I wanted to try the Meatball Lasagne. It was amazing.

vegetable pasta selection pgl dinner
dinner selection pgl
fried chicken meatball lasagne pgl dinner

Salad Bar

The salad bar is available at both lunch and dinner times. You will find a great selection of food here too. You could easily make a meal that will fill you up from the salad bar alone. Our daughter was in her element with the salad bar choices. She will always choose salad if the option is available.

pasta rice options salad bar pgl windmill hill
salad bar pgl windmill hill

Activities Available at PGL Windmill Hill

There are many activities available at PGL Windmill Hill. These are Abseiling, Aeroball, All Aboard, Archery, Archery Tag, Canoeing, Challenge Course, Climbing, Fencing, Giant Swing, Jacob’s Ladder, Orienteering, Problem Solving, Raft Building, Rifle Shooting, Sensory Trail, Sports and Team Games, Trapeze, Tunnel Trail, Zip Wire and Swimming.

ethan little e playing areoball pgl family holiday

During our two-night break, we got the chance to experience the Giant Swing, Archery, Canoeing, Areoball, Climbing and Abseiling. I love that we got the chance to experience archery and canoeing. I think the kid’s favourite activity was areoball but they loved trying all of the different activities available during our stay.

ethan little e wearing canoeing gear pgl family holiday

We had such a great time at PGL Windmill Hill, the kids keep asking when can we go back. To find out more about what PGL offer visit the PGL Website. Use the code SOCIAL25 when booking. It offers you 25% off all Family Adventure and Kid’s only Adventure Holidays.

DISCLOSURE – We received the stay at PGL Windmill Hill as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always share our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.

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