3 interesting facts about tyres

3 Interesting Facts About Tyres

Until you become a driver, you might not think that tyres are very interesting. In fact, even when you are a driver you might not think that tyres are terribly interesting. But tyres are quite fascinating in their own way. Here are three interesting facts about tyres.

3 interesting facts about tyres

They Used to be White

You may already have wondered about this: tree sap tends to be white; erasers made from rubber are white, but tyres are black? How did that happen? It was done quite deliberately, in fact. Tyre developers were looking into how to make tyres stronger and more durable, and collaborated with their fellows all over the USA, asking for advice, samples of new products and advice. One of the scientists working for Crayola, the crayon people, invented a lovely rich black colour using something called ‘carbon black’ and duly sent it off to the tyre manufacturer. They tried it out, turning the tyres black in the process, and discovered that it had an instant and gratifying effect on the tyres – making them, as desired, stronger and more long-lasting. While you can get white tyres now, they are usually only for effect and usually it is kept to the sidewalls – and they look strange to most of us as we have become very used to tyres being black!

They Have a (Secret) Code

Tyres have a series of numbers and letters embossed onto them that offers a lot of information about the tyre. From the date of manufacture to its suitability for use on ice and mud to details about how fast the tyre can go and what load it can carry, the code on your tyre carries a wealth of information – as long as you know how to decipher it. The easiest way is to get the tyres from a credible car expert garage. We recommend Dartford Tyres. You can buy new tyres online from them, especially now will be a good time, as they have a plethora of amazing summer deals available. Their tyre experts will be able to talk you through the code, so you know what to look for next time too!

They are the Car’s Only Point of Contact with the Road

Cars are complicated pieces of machinery with hundreds of moving parts and it can come as a surprise to realise what has always been right in front of you: the only part of the car to interact with the road is the tyres! This means that you should always look after your tyres carefully to make sure that your ride is as comfortable as possible.

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