Stop Thumb-Sucking With Thumbsie

When Little E was a baby we gave her with a dummy. There wasn’t any real reason for this except that we wanted to settle her one night. Imagine our surprise when she rejected this dummy. She didn’t want anything to do with it and over time she turned to sucking her fingers as comfort. I thought this was fantastic, not having to break the dummy habit. It never once crossed my mind that we would have to stop thumb-sucking.

stop thumb sucking with thumbsie

We hadn’t actually thought about how to work on this habit with Little E. I was hoping that with age this habit might stop. For some children though this isn’t the case. We were approached by Thumbsie to see if a finger guard would help break Little E’s habit.


Thumbsie are thumb and finger guards designed to stop thumb-sucking. They are suited to children aged three to twelve years old. They can be worn during the day and night. This really suited Little E as she only sucks her fingers at night.

thumbsie finger guard

Thumbsie’s are 100% cotton and are available in a range of colourful designs. There are five sizes to choose from and a handy measuring guide can be found on the Thumbsie website. We ordered the small size for Little E and it fitted perfectly. I also let her choose the pattern she wanted and she decided on the owls.

thumbsie finger guard owls

When you order your Thumbsie you can also order a reward chart to help with trying to stop thumb-sucking. The reward chart also comes with stickers for you to use.

thumbsie reward chartthumbsie reward stickers

The idea behind the thumbsie is that you stop your children having the ease of being able to suck their fingers or thumbs without restricting anything else they want to do.

thumbsie finger guard

Little E has been wearing her Thumbsie in the day. She is finding it quite novel at the moment. When we return from our holiday we will introduce them to her at night and also start using the reward chat.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Thumbsie Fingers Guards and Reward Chart in return for writing this review. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the product.

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