Learning The Months Of The Year

For quite a while now Ethan has been obsessed with the calendar. He knows the days of the week and he has been learning the months of the year. This was mostly introduced by going to school but also self-taught with the help of you tube.

The week before last a message was sent home from school letting us know which videos they watch on You Tube. Ethan couldn’t believe it when I put on the months of the year song on his iPad. Last week was filled with videos playing songs for the months of the year and the days of the week. Little E is also in on this singing act. I’m sure Ethan’s obsessions have made her more aware of letters, numbers, days and months than she should be for her age.

We have a visual calendar at home for the days, months and seasons. Ethan makes sure we change it to the correct date each day. It does cause meltdowns if I’m not quick enough with finding the correct day. I have a love hate relationship with this calendar! We also discovered that Ethan takes it upon himself to change the calendar in his class. It has taken them a while to work out who was doing it as Ethan is so quick.

On Monday Ethan came home with another Star of the Day certificate. I’m finding it hard to keep up with all of these awards! This one was for his math work which was on months and seasons.

star of the day months year

He has been very excited to tell us that it is October. The pumpkins we got at the pumpkin patch haven’t left his side for the past week. Not only does Ethan enjoy telling us about the months he tells us what each month brings with it. November is fireworks, December is Christmas. Our January picture shows us snow. I wonder what Ethan will do if there is no snow in January.

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  1. It’s so great to read how well he’s doing and, like you say, his numbers and months will rub off on Little E. I remember D being absolutely fascinated by the numbers on countdown and Deal or no Deal, we’d spend ages looking for house numbers, bus numbers and numbers on the shop shelves, all good fun x #SmallStepsAA

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