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Word Of The Week – Disney

It feels like I haven’t been on the blog for an age, let alone write a Word of the Week post! After three weeks of adventures I can finally say our Word of the Week this week is


as this week we returned from our Walt Disney World adventure.

Our trip began at the start of the October half term holiday and after nearly two years of planning we were finally on our way. We traveled to Orlando and after an overnight stay we made our way to Port Canaveral to join a four night Disney Cruise. This is where we met up with Darren’s sister and her family who we haven’t seen since 2013. This is because they live in Australia and we thought it would be nice to meet in the middle.

After our Disney Cruise we made our way to Walt Disney world staying at Disney’s Beach Club hotel. We were able to spend time with our family for a few more days before they made their way home.

If you have been following my Instagram account you would have seen some of the places we visited. We were so busy that I didn’t have time to post as many as I wanted so there will be more to come when I have gone through all twenty memory cards. I also attempted to vlog our holiday which I hope to share on our you tube channel. I’m waiting for a new hard drive to arrive to be able to start working on our vlogs.

Our holiday started with a bout of tonsillitis for Ethan and I also underestimated how much the jet lag would affect him. We also had an interesting journey home with our flight being cancelled. This was because of a security issue at the airport which involved an exploding battery. Thankfully no one was hurt and we got an extra nights stay in an Orlando hotel.

Going on a holiday with two children to Walt Disney World is definitely a different experience. It was a fantastic learning curve for both of them and they both keep asking to return. At points it was hard going as parents and we do think there were some low moments. Mostly because being a return trip for us we noticed how things have changed. I can’t wait to sort out all of our photos and look back at all of the memories made.

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6 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Disney”

  1. What a trip! I’ll definitely check out your video when it’s up, I watch a fair few Disney vlogs. I spotted that issue at the airport on The Dibb, hadn’t realised it affected you. Glad you had fun, and yes, I can imagine with a holiday as full on as Disney there would have been some lows. Look forward to seeing your pics x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Yes our day home was interesting. It happened just as we arrived so it was a little scary but we made it home in the end!

  2. What an exciting word of the week, and a fabulous experience for you all. Sad to hear that there was illness and flight problems though, why do these holidays never go smoothly x

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