• Family

    Our Memory Jar

    I have found that since I have become a mum life has become quite an emotional roller-coaster. There have been amazing highs mixed in with some very low moments. This has led to me suffering with anxiety which can also contribute to feeling overwhelmed. Christmas it a time that I can feel overwhelmed with all of the preparation. There is also the added pressure of trying to make it visual for Ethan and it can easily get on top of me. This can sometimes turn it into a chore and I miss having something to look forward too. I mentioned to Darren that I was thinking about creating a memory…

  • Out and About

    Colchester Zoo Shriek Week

    I have always wanted to see what Shriek Week at Colchester Zoo was like. Last Halloween we didn’t make it as other plans got in the way. This year we had a spare day during the half term and I knew it would give the children a chance to dress up in their Halloween outfits. Knowing that Ethan’s anxiety escalates in crowded places we got to the zoo for opening. We quickly worked out that the Halloween activities didn’t start until later in the morning and headed to the Australian Rainbows, which are situated towards the back of the zoo. Unfortunately their enclosure wasn’t open to the public yet. Keeping…

  • Word Of The Week

    Word Of The Week – Parties

    word of the week

    This week our word of the week has to be as Ethan was invited to two birthday parties this week. Birthday parties is something I always wondered about when debating about Ethan’s education and the possibility of a mainstream setting. Would Ethan be invited to a birthday party because he was liked or because people felt sorry for him? I know this is something that would have played on my mind as at the moment Ethan can’t really make friends with his peer group in the ‘normal way’. Thankfully this wasn’t an issue as Ethan goes to a school with his peers, children that are like him. So an invite…

  • Ethan

    Autism and the Head Wound!

    Ethan has major anxiety issues around doctors, to the point that only seeing a doctor makes him scream uncontrollably. It’s terrible to see you son get so distressed and seeing a doctor often results in Ethan having to be pinned down to be examined. This means I only try to take Ethan to the doctors when it is absolutely necessary. At the signs of any illness I’m normally frantically searching google hoping I can work out what the issue is. I’m not a doctor so most of the time I have to go on my gut feelings, praying that my guess-work is correct. My biggest fear is that something will…

  • Word Of The Week

    Word Of The Week – Haven

    word of the week

    This week our word of the week is Ethan was awarded a Family Fund voucher for a Haven break so that we could break up the summer holidays a bit. Part of our keep Ethan busy plan. We decided that we would visit Great Yarmouth as it is far enough from us to make us feel like we have gone away, but not too far to go in the car. Ethan is struggling with car journeys at the moment and we also don’t like to push our little car too far as she is getting a little old now. I had lots of expectations for this week, I had visions…

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