The Special Needs Dentist

Ethan’s teeth are a major worry for me. After finally letting us put a toothbrush up to his mouth with some toothpaste on it last April this is where our progress has halted. His sensory issues with his mouth isn’t letting us clean his teeth correctly and my biggest fear is that we are going […]

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Speech Therapy Appointment 2

This week Ethan had his second speech therapy appointment. Unfortunately there is a bit of a problem with regards to who is holding Ethan’s appointments as the speech therapist that assessed Ethan during his observations is now on maternity leave and they can’t get anyone in to cover her. So as it was the Easter holidays one of the speech therapists from a

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Genetic Testing Blood Tests!

This morning Ethan had to go and have blood taken for genetic testing. This is something that the doctors wanted to do so they can find out if there are any underlying issues behind Ethan’s diagnosis, this is also supposed to give us all the information we need should we ever wish to expand our family.

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