Genetic Testing Blood Tests!

This morning Ethan had to go and have blood taken for genetic testing. This is something that the doctors wanted to do so they can find out if there are any underlying issues behind Ethan’s diagnosis, this is also supposed to give us all the information we need should we ever wish to expand our family.  

Now being that I am also petrified of needles, my dad had to come with me for all my blood tests when I was pregnant with Ethan, and as Ethan now hates doctors and hospitals this day was bound to be stressful!

Thankfully I’m pleased to report it wasn’t as bad as expected.

The blood test appointment was at the children’s outpatients department at our local hospital which we have never been to before and the waiting area was full of toys and other children playing so it was just like visiting another nursery for Ethan. 

When we were called in for our appointment there were three ladies waiting for us in the room, two nurses and the other lady had a logo on her shirt that gave me the impression that she worked with special needs children through play. 

We had no problem getting Ethan into the room and they showed Ethan a Dora The Explorer toy that had lots of buttons and played music. So he sat on Grandad’s lap and played with this for a while. They put one of Ethan’s arm’s behind my dad’s back as if Ethan was cuddling him and that was the arm they took the blood from, they also used a spray to numb the area. 

When they started to take the blood Ethan’s face crumpled up and he got upset but was very brave and didn’t cry. The lady who was there to distract Ethan started blowing bubbles for him but I had planned ahead and brought the iPad along so Ethan could play his nursery rhyme apps.  

In the end they had to take blood from Ethan from three different places as the first two attempts didn’t produce enough blood for the tests but thankfully we got through it without any struggles or having to pin him down which is what I was dreading would happen. 

I’m so proud of Ethan today and I’m so glad that it is all over and now we just have to wait for the results.    

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