• Ethan

    Autism and the Head Wound!

    Ethan has major anxiety issues around doctors, to the point that only seeing a doctor makes him scream uncontrollably. It’s terrible to see you son get so distressed and seeing a doctor often results in Ethan having to be pinned down…

  • Autism

    Sibling Interaction and Autism

    When Ethan was diagnosed with autism the thought of having another child was the furthest thought from our minds. We were scared that another child would mean another diagnosis as there is a one in five chance that another child would…

  • Ethan

    Ethan’s First Respite Day

    If funding allows Ethan’s school offers play days during the school holidays. It’s a way of keeping the children used to school during the break, in the hope that the school return will be easier. It also offers a respite day…

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