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Word Of The Week – MMR

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It was time for Little E to have her MMR. To be honest it was the third time I had booked the appointment as I cancelled it the first two times.

Let me start by saying I DO NOT believe that the MMR brought on Ethan’s autism. Looking back I now know that we was developing differently as soon as he was born. But I wanted Little E to be feeling 100% before giving her the MMR and for the past two weeks she has had a bit of a cold.

It’s terrible how press reports can make you question your decisions about things, but I suppose that is the power they have. I didn’t even bother looking into getting the injections done separately as ironically I did look into this when Ethan’s were due and I found bad reports about this option.

The fact of the matter is not giving Little E the MMR could lead to worse things than autism. Not that I would wish autism on anyone but its the less of the two evils.

So Little E had her three injections yesterday and she was very brave. I’m relieved that it is over and done with and I no longer have to stress about the should we shouldn’t we question. Deep down I know that shouldn’t we would have never have been an option but you like to think you are trying to do the best for your children.

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13 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – MMR”

  1. Glad Little E is feeling better and well done to her for being so brave too. I can understand the MMR being a little bit of a worry though – these things are all about balancing risks and benefits aren’t they and scare stories in the media never help. Hope you have a good weekend.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you, I’m glad we have had it done and I don’t have to stress the should we, shouldn’t we any more x

  2. This is a very important post! For all those parents who won’t get it done because they fear autism your points are very valid – that it didn’t cause Ethan’s autism and, actually, there are far worse things than autism.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. I just think if you opt out and they then get ill you will never stop thinking ‘what if’. I have never thought there was a link with autism and the MMR, I think it’s just bad timing with the regression stage x

  3. It is hard when you hear so many reports, as it does make you question yourself, as of course we want to do the best we can by our kids. But like you, I immunised my kids as I see the dangers of not doing so as being far greater than the risks. Glad Little E is OK now x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I think it is the best thing to do. We had the same debate when I had to have the swine flu injection x

  4. BloggerMummyLauren

    Aww bless her, I remember my kids screaming when they got the MMR.
    My son has ASD but if we had more children I wouldn’t hesitate to give them the MMR, I don’t believe Autism is caused by the injection but like you said even if it was, I would rather an autistic child than a child contracting a disease that could kill them!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      It’s nice to hear you think along the same lines. I do know others that have a different view. The bad press really doesn’t help x

  5. I don’t think anyone can blame you for faltering and questioning, especially as the media and general google rumours linking MMR to autism are still so high and raw, and you have personal experience. But I also think you’re right that non vaccination can be much worse. Look at recent cases in Wales where they were vaccinating children against measles at the last minute because they weren’t done as young children.
    Glad it all went ok and you believed in yourself.
    Now, lots of hugs to all of you this weekend and hope you have a lovely week

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