Sibling Interaction and Autism

When Ethan was diagnosed with autism the thought of having another child was the furthest thought from our minds. We were scared that another child would mean another diagnosis as there is a one in five chance that another child would also be on the spectrum. It took time but we always saw ourselves as […]

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Ethan’s First Respite Day

If funding allows Ethan’s school offers play days during the school holidays. It’s a way of keeping the children used to school during the break, in the hope that the school return will be easier. It also offers a respite day to their families as a school holiday and the lack of routine it brings

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School Visits

It feels like we have been working towards this since Ethan’s diagnosis, and there was a battle to make our wish a reality, but in a few short weeks Ethan will finally be starting school. It’s both a very scary and exciting time, partly because we can only hope that we can visually prepare Ethan

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