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    Word Of The Week – Confirmation

    word of the week

    With only 30 days until we return to Walt Disney World, fingers crossed, this week has been all about as I had time this week to confirm some of our bookings. This is the first time I have booked a trip to Walt Disney World completely on my own. We have always booked a package holiday but as we wanted to use our air miles for our flights and tour operators were charging over the odds for the Disney hotels, booking everything ourselves meant we got the best deal. In total we are staying in five hotels during our stay so it was important to me that everyone could find…

  • Autism

    Autism and the Tiger Meltdown

    On Friday we decided to take Ethan to Colchester Zoo. Partly because he needed to get out of the house and partly because he had been asking to go there. Being that we didn’t have Little E with us we decided to let Ethan pick our route around the zoo. He had energy to burn and we thought it would be a good way to do it. Being the routine boy he is Ethan actually followed the route that we normally take when we visit the zoo. We visited the Rainbow birds and then the fish. Ethan then asked to see the elephants and from there he wanted to see…

  • Ethan

    Autism and the First and Then Technique

    When Ethan was first diagnosed with autism his family support key worker introduced us to a First and Then board. We would use the board with PECS to visually show Ethan the activities we wanted him to do. This was also used at his nursery and we found it a great help. Since Ethan has started school he has refused the use of visuals at home but over the past few months, with his increasing use of words, he has asked us about First and Then. We use this to tell him that it’s a school day, when he is going swimming and when he is going to his after…

  • Days Out

    Legoland Windsor Driving School L-Drivers

    Dear Legoland Windsor, Your Driving School attraction is one of the biggest attractions in your park and one that we have avoided on our past visits. Our little boy has autism and is pre-verbal. We know that for him to understand how to drive one of the little cars on his own he would need longer than the allocated time allows. He would need us to show him exactly what to do, and he would need help to move the little car in the right direction. Not to mention help to avoid anyone else. As with any parent visiting Legoland we wanted our son to experience driving in Lego City.…

  • Little E

    Pointing an Important Developmental Milestone

    Ethan never pointed at anything and at the time I never knew this was a red flag for autism. When autism hit it was the marker that stuck in my mind the most. I found myself watching my friends babies and being so relieved when I saw them point. As you can imagine with Little E we are on autism watch alert. As much as we didn’t want to be you can’t help it. She is high risk and I would rather be on the ball and get her referred as soon as possible if we spot any signs. So pointing has been what I have been watching and waiting…

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