• Ethan

    Cookie Day!

    So far this year we have been so consumed with Ethan’s appointments or illness that things I have planned to do with Ethan just haven’t happened but as we didn’t get to go to Ethan’s swimming lesson on Thursday because of…

  • Ethan

    Cup Cake Madness – Take Two!

    I knew I would have a few Ethan days after Christmas as my first day back in the office isn’t until Monday so I thought I would attempt some more baking with Ethan. Our second attempt was much worse than or…

  • Ethan

    Cup Cake Madness!

    On our days when we have nothing planned I’m aiming to try to do a creative activity with Ethan, it has been quite busy since coming back from Florida and trying to get back in the swing of things but this week we…

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