Cookie Day!

So far this year we have been so consumed with Ethan’s appointments or illness that things I have planned to do with Ethan just haven’t happened but as we didn’t get to go to Ethan’s swimming lesson on Thursday because of his blood tests we had time in the afternoon to attempt to make the cookies it feels like I purchased months ago. 

So to make things as simple as possible I decided that we would try a Betty Crocker cookie mix as you just have to add water. Easy or so I thought!


Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
I got everything ready and Ethan actually come over to look at all the items on the table. 
He watched me pour the mix into the bowl…



…and even decided to put his hands in the mixture and this time I didn’t stop him as we all know what happened last time!


To my absolute amazement Ethan picked up the wooden spoon and I thought he has finally got it, he is actually going to do some mixing.


How wrong could I have been, Ethan picked and the spoon and decided to try the cookie mixture, not just once but twice. In it’s dry form!
This is the boy who inspects every new bit of food put in-front of him and always decides not to try it. This is the boy that I spend hours thinking what can we eat this week that Ethan won’t fight me over and is healthy. This is the boy who will only pick up a spoon to eat when he feels like it which is very few and far between and here he was eating dry cookie mixture!



After this Ethan decided that his cookie making day was over and just walked round and round the table whist I completed the task. 
I’m sorry to say our cookies didn’t look anything like the finished product on the packet, ours came out slightly burnt but Ethan was able to sample one of our creations. 



Today was definitely an improvement on our baking adventures the fact that Ethan took the slightest interest in what I was trying to show him is a fantastic step forward. Now I just need to decide what to bake next time…

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