Cup Cake Madness – Take Two!

I knew I would have a few Ethan days after Christmas as my first day back in the office isn’t until Monday so I thought I would attempt some more baking with Ethan. Our second attempt was much worse than or first as I will explain which just means we will need more cup cake making practise!


This time I decided to go with the Postman Pat set just to make it different. 

As before I set everything out ready to bring Ethan into the kitchen. He has been exploring our kitchen more so I was hoping to grab his attention right from the off as I’m sure I could be much more interesting then the cupboard doors!


It was going well Ethan looked at the tools we were going to use and even started to try to mix. 


I also offered a helping hand to make sure everything got mixed in correctly but this is where it went wrong…


…Ethan tried to put the whisk in his mouth and I stopped him. This caused a little melt down and he promptly left the kitchen and didn’t want to come back so I was left to finish the cakes. I don’t know why I stopped him really I should have just let him get on with it and explore what we were doing the way he wanted. When I was little I used to ask my mum to make cakes just so I could eat the left over cake mix in the bowl so it wouldn’t have caused any harm. 
I thought it best to not attempt the icing of the cakes until we had lunch just incase Ethan was hungry which could have been a reason why he went to put the whisk in his mouth. I again set everything out ready for him, my icing was much better on this second attempt, Ethan didn’t want to know and again wouldn’t come into the kitchen so I completed the task.  


Our finished cakes which Ethan didn’t even want to try at frist so I must have really upset him. 


The lesson I learnt from this cake making exercise let Ethan try the cake mixture, it isn’t the end of the world if he does this and getting messy is all part of the fun!
I have already purchased cookie mixture for our next baking adventure so watch this space…

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