• Little E

    Happy 5th Birthday Little E

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    Dear Little E, Today we say Happy 5th Birthday! I can’t believe it, those years have passed so quickly and you have gone from my baby girl to my little girl in a blink of an eye. You entered our world in a whirlwind fashion being three weeks early and that’s how these five years have continued! This past year really has been a big year for you as you left nursery and started school. It was a big change for you and it took a while for you to settle in. Thankfully you settled in really well in the Christmas term and you have been talking about going into…

  • Ethan

    Birthday Boy, Nine Today!

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    Dear Ethan, Today you turn nine, these years are flying past! Nine today, it doesn’t feel real saying that! Your eighth year was pretty tough. You discovered a love for throwing which caused quite a few issues. We believe started because of the change in Daddy’s routine. It was tough on all of us but by the summer holidays, we returned to our normal calm. In September you changed your class placement at school. You were moved into a greater ability class and you have made real progress. So much so that you were awarded the Spring Term Merit Award. We are all so proud of you and this big…

  • Family

    The Year Of Unicorn Cakes

    Birthday cakes are a very important part of birthday celebrations in our family. My mum always made sure I had a birthday cake on my birthday. With Ethan being non-verbal for so many years this visual marker of a birthday became even more important to me. Sometimes this means that there maybe a few birthday cakes purchased for the children’s birthdays. This all depends on the days of their birthday, if they have a party and when our family gathering is. This year for our family gathering birthday cakes both children picked unicorn cakes. Ethan’s Unicorn Cake Ethan is very into minions again. Well they have never really fallen out…

  • Ethan

    Happy Birthday Ethan!

    Today is a very special day for us as we wish you, our little superstar, a very Happy 3rd Birthday.  Where has that time gone? It feels like only yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital, the hospital that I couldn’t wait to leave and at one point we never thought we would be able to get out of because as daddy was about to put the ticket in the machine to exit the car park the wind caught it and it blew away. This led to daddy chasing the ticket down the road, he caught up with it in the end. Thankfully it turned into a very…

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