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Ethan Suddenly You Are Eleven!

Dear Ethan, on Saturday we celebrated your eleventh birthday. I still can’t believe how quickly the age of eleven has arrived. No matter what age you will always be my beautiful baby boy.

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Throughout your life, you will always have to learn to adjust to different situations. This year however we have had to face something that no one was expecting. Covid-19 has been very challenging for all of us. So much or our normal had to change overnight. I will never forget how heartbroken you were when you couldn’t go and visit nanny. A nanny sleepover is something that has been part of your routine for many years. But you adjusted and I’m so proud of how you have coped with all this change.

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On your tenth birthday, we had to celebrate in our garden. This year we were able to book a beach hut day at Walton-on-the-Naze. Even with the forecast of a rainy day, which thankfully didn’t happen, we were able to spend the day in your happy place. A day visiting the sea. With the icing on the cake being we were also able to see our friends.

ethan holding up strawberry socially distanced strawberry picking

This past year you have grown so much. We can actually buy you clothes in the correct age range. You have always been small for your age but in lockdown, you really did fill out. You have no interest in trends and fashion. I have had fun updating your wardrobe with Harry Potter items. I’m also making more and more purchases from Adidas. You have a better wardrobe than both me and daddy put together!

Fun With Caterpillar Construction Toys REVIEW Eleven

Being at home for most of this year has done you the world of good. Your bond with your sister has grown. Not that you weren’t close before but you are definitely closer. You call Little E your best friend, you are like partners in crime. We are sure that your speech has improved and you can now even ride your bike on two wheels.

ethan looking at beach frinton-on-sea Eleven

Eleven is normally an age for big change when it comes to school. Thankfully you can stay at your school until you are sixteen. You will have to move to the high school side but hopefully, that change won’t be too much for you. I have no idea what your eleventh year will bring but I can’t wait to share the next year with you.

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  1. It’s so lovely to hear that Ethan had a wonderful birthday. He really is growing up now. My Little Man was in a school that he could have stayed at until 16 but we had to move him. So now this year he faces going to a new school because my Little Man will be 11 soon too. Where does the time go?

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