Buzz Lightyear

Preparing for Halloween

Halloween wasn’t a holiday we really celebrated when I grew up, it started to become more popular when I was a teenager and I did actually go trick or treating once or twice with my high school friends. It is a holiday I want to embrace with Ethan and I’m already thinking about what we can […]

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Ethan’s Birthday Cakes

Since I have been blogging I have never written about any of Ethan’s birthdays. We have his birthday and then our lives take over, and before you know it another year has passed! As the lovely Charly of PODcast has started a new Alphabet Project I thought what better time to write about all of

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Buzz Lightyear!

Like many parents we discovered we were having a son at our twenty week scan, this just confirmed what I had known, or felt very early into my pregnancy. I remember laying awake that night thinking “What toys will we play with?!”, my visions of Barbie dolls and Sylvanian Families becoming a distant memory.    It hit me

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