Ethan’s Birthday Cakes

Since I have been blogging I have never written about any of Ethan’s birthdays. We have his birthday and then our lives take over, and before you know it another year has passed!

As the lovely Charly of PODcast has started a new Alphabet Project I thought what better time to write about all of Ethan’s birthday cakes. This week they are on the letter B so…

B is for Birthday Cake!

Ethan’s 1st Birthday – Toy Story Theme

For Ethan’s first birthday we decided to go for a Toy Story theme. This isn’t something he was into at the time, more like something I have a love for. I also felt that the people coming to celebrate his birthday with us would know this theme more than one of the programmes he liked to watch. 

I ordered a Buzz Lightyear cake from our local cake shop and my mum made Toy Story cupcakes. I even found a Buzz Lightyear candle for the cake.

Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake
Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake

Ethan’s 2nd Birthday – Gruffalo Theme

When Ethan was two he was obsessed with The Gruffalo, we would have to read the books over and over again. So we had a Gruffalo tea party to celebrate his birthday. 
My mum made the cake this year and we ordered an icing transfer off of ebay. 
Gruffalo Birthday Cake
We also took Ethan to Legoland Windsor for a birthday treat and were lucky enough to stay in the hotel. We ordered him a birthday cake as part of our meal, it was in the shape of a lego brick.  
Legoland Windsor Birthday Cake


Legoland Windsor Birthday Cake

Ethan’s 3rd Birthday – Mickey Mouse Theme

When Ethan was three he finally knew who Mickey Mouse was. Well the trip to Disney World helped with that, so we had a Mickey Mouse birthday. I really wanted to help make Ethan’s cake this year, I finally felt I had a kitchen that I could bake in. So with my mum’s direction we made Ethan’s birthday cake and cupcakes. 
I ordered another icing transfer from ebay and even found a Mickey Mouse candle. 
Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake


Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake


Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake


Ethan’s 4th Birthday – The Minions had arrived!

This year Ethan has discovered Despicable Me, at the moment he will always ask for us to put it on. So with me not really in a cake baking mood and deciding it was best to keep Ethan’s birthday small this year my mum started to think about Minion cakes. We discussed the use of an icing transfer but Nanny and Grandad had other plans and they made Ethan this…
Minion Birthday Cake
…easily the best birthday cake ever!


Minion Birthday Cake

7 thoughts on “Ethan’s Birthday Cakes”

  1. Oh wow Jane what incredible cakes Ethan has had! I love them all, what a brilliant selection. I hope you’re all doing alright (especially you!). Thank you so much for sharing and joining in #alphabetphoto

  2. Love the way you have marked each year with a cake (and put it altogether). Great memories, and a lovely way of marking how Ethan is growing up (I vaguely recall three years of the same Noddy cake). Love the Minion one especially! #Alphabetphoto.

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