• Days Out

    Giraffe Chasing!

    This morning we took Ethan into Colchester to start the Stand Tall Trail. What is Stand Tall I hear you ask? Well as part of their 50th birthday celebrations Colchester Zoo have placed one 7.5 metre high, twenty nine 2.5 metre high and eighty 1.3 meter high giraffes around Colchester’s streets, parks and open spaces, as well as other locations around Essex. They have created the Stand Tall app so that you can search for the giraffe’s and scan their QR codes as you find them. At the end of the summer the giraffe’s will be auctioned off to raise money for charity. There are two types of giraffe to…

  • Days Out

    Ethan’s Colchester Zoo Gold Pass

    Turning 3 means that Ethan now has to have his own Colchester Zoo Gold Pass to gain entry into the zoo, so on Darren’s week off we headed there to purchase it.    After paying for the pass at the entrance and collecting it from customer service we decided to let Ethan play in the playground as it was nice and empty therefore easier for us to keep an eye on him.    After some time on the swings Darren decided to take Ethan on the biggest slide I have ever seen! Ethan loved every minute of it.  We then decided to head off to see the goats as Ethan…

  • Days Out

    Colchester Zoo – Feeding Time!

    Last weekend something unexpected and amazing happened, the sun come out! I kid you not the sun appeared in the sky and it got a little warmer so we jumped at the chance to visit the zoo. We dusted off the gold pass as it feels like ages since we could take advantage of it and set off.  As we arrived there was a lion welcoming the children into the zoo, obviously not a real one because that would be interesting but a friendly one so we stopped for a photo. Ethan wasn’t impressed! We had actually arrived at the zoo in time for the first public giraffe and elephant feeds, this was something…

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