• Days Out

    Feeding Time at Colchester Zoo

    Yesterday we had another daddy day so we decided to take Ethan to the zoo and feed the elephants and giraffes whilst it was quieter. We have done this once before but always avoid it if we go to the zoo at the weekend.  We got there ten minutes before the feed was about to start, it was a little bit busier than expected due to school trips but by waiting to be one of the last people to feed the giraffes Ethan wasn’t that crowded.  Whilst I was waiting with Little E I changed the camera lens to the bigger zoom and took some photos of the giraffes waiting for…

  • Days Out

    Colchester Zoo Annual Pass Renewal

    In January our Colchester Zoo Gold Passes expired and we didn’t renew them as we didn’t think we would use them that much this year. Since Little E’s arrival and the need to keep Ethan busy has increased, we have really missed having them. So we decided to renew them last week but upgrade them to the two year Platinum Pass. We have already used the passes twice and will be visiting regularly to use their new soft play centre. When we renewed our passes we took Ethan to see some of our favourite animals and discovered a new one.   We are looking forward to using our passes to…

  • Days Out

    Colchester Zoo Stand Tall Farewell Tour

    Last week the Stand Tall Giraffes returned to Colchester Zoo before they made their way to London and ready for their auction. We had already visited as many as possible in town, but we wanted to see the the others that we had missed.  Unfortunately we had left this until Sunday, the last day of the tour, and the weather decided to take a turn for the worst the minute we left our house.  When we arrived at the Zoo we waited for a break in the weather before leaving the car and making our way to see the giraffes. If felt like everybody in the world wanted to visit the…

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