Singing Christmas Songs

Ethan really embraced his Christmas singing in December. It was amazing progress to witness. We have to remind ourselves that Ethan only really started to gain his words last summer. That’s less than eighteen months ago! I had to look back at my previous blog posts to see the real jump in progress. In April […]

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Makaton Please

When Ethan was first diagnosed with autism we were introduced to Makaton and we started to learn the signs. It quickly became apparent that Ethan wasn’t interested in learning the signs. I say wasn’t interested, I’m sure that there is more to it than that as it took Ethan a long time to learn that

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Ethan is Choosing

Over the Christmas holidays we discovered that Ethan has a new word, he will now tell us that he is It took me a while to work out what he was saying but when Ethan was being a little boisterous and I wanted him to stop he would tell me he was ‘choosing’! Pinning his

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