Makaton Please

When Ethan was first diagnosed with autism we were introduced to Makaton and we started to learn the signs. It quickly became apparent that Ethan wasn’t interested in learning the signs. I say wasn’t interested, I’m sure that there is more to it than that as it took Ethan a long time to learn that he can do things with his own hands. Our hands were always used as a tool for him which is an autistic trait.

We quickly discovered that Ethan is more of a visual boy and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) quickly became his communication preference.

At Ethan’s school they do use Makaton to communicate with the children and I was hoping that Ethan would start to sign. We also started to take Little E to Sing and Sign so that we could learn the signs as a family. Ethan still doesn’t sign to us but his communication has moved on massively since he started school so it is all very positive.

Last week we were watching Mr Tumble and for some reason I signed ‘Please’ and Ethan clearly identified the sign for me by telling me what I had signed.


I also tried to see if Ethan knew the signs for ‘Cake’ and ‘Biscuit’ which led to Ethan demanding that I get him a cake.

I am so pleased that Ethan can recognise these signs. It proves that he is learning them even though he doesn’t, or has decided not to sign.

5 thoughts on “Makaton Please”

  1. That’s fantastic! You must be so pleased.
    That’s typical of the way children learn language – whether babies going to get their cup before they can say ‘cup’ or older children being able to understand French on holiday, but not having the confidence to speak it.

  2. Well Done Jane ! All your wonderful patience and understanding of Your Dear Ethan’s communications difficulties have been highly commendable and believe me Dear Jane … All you patience and work will pay off … He will make progress and breakthrough’s all the time ! May God Bless you ! I used to teach autistic and many children with autistic related like Asberger’s Syndrome and they do surprise you with break through’s of the things you have taught them … And you had thought that they hadn’t paid attention …
    I think you have done amazingly well with your dear boy ! Keep going ! Just wait until he is seven years and you will see all your efforts and teaching will see amazing results ! I have so much praise and confidence in you to develop all Ethan’s potentials ! Well done Jane ???

  3. That’s brilliant – so great that he knows them, even if he doesn’t use them. & also that he got cake! #MMWBH

    1. So sorry – obviously #SSAmazingAchievements! I’ve gone onto auto – clearly too late at night for blogging!

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