Country Kids

Zip Wire Fun

Our local park has a fantastic children’s play area, because of this it gets very busy. This means we have to pick our moments when taking Ethan there to play. Last week we headed to the park to take our Me and Mine photos, it was during the school day so the play area was

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Throwing Stones!

Ethan has been in a throwing mood recently and it has been driving us slightly insane! Unfortunately Darren’s shifts this month has meant he has been working on the weekends and Ethan’s days off. So Ethan has been going a little stir crazy in the house. I have been trying to get him to engage

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Last week we experienced quite a lot of snow fall but we watched it from our windows. Every time it snowed I found myself wishing it would settle. It just proves how much having children changes you because before children just the mention of the word snow would fill me with dread. Snow meant travel

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Ducks On A Sunday!

Last weekend, with Ethan getting cabin fever, we decided it was time to say hello to the ducks. The last time we feed the ducks I was pregnant so this was also going to be Little E’s first experience of duck feeding. We made sure we wrapped up warm and set off to our duck

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